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Your needs are distinctive and when you enter into a partnership with Sterling Legal, you can expect us to take them seriously. The way we see it, our sole purpose is to find experienced, skilled legal professionals that suit your one-of-a-kind needs. With this in mind, we take the time to identify your specific needs, your corporate culture, and your business strategies, so that we can match you with a candidate who has the right skills, credentials, and experience.

For us, talent acquisition is similar, yet distinctly different than recruitment. The two share the same aim of finding the best people to work for you. Whereas recruitment tends to be a very standardized, reactive process, talent acquisition is all about the long game of your company. It involves a more flexible and dynamic approach from your recruitment team and a broad understanding of the long-term strategic aims of your business and the true value of your employees.

Talent acquisition is about being aware of current staffing trends, the state of the workforce, and using that insight to attract vital talent. Employers who implement a talent acquisition strategy realize that recruitment is not just about scrutinizing candidates to see if they are right for your organization, but it is also about convincing potential talent that you are the right organization to meet their career expectations.

Why Choose Us

What distinguishes us from other legal staffing firms is our focus on your specific needs. Combined with an in-depth understanding of your need for results-driven employees, this allows us to match your organization with the talent you deserve. More importantly, we know our success in recruiting the best legal talent on the market is tantamount to your success. As a client-focused firm, we fully recognize that your success benchmarks our own, so we prioritize it above all else.

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